Monday, April 12, 2010

STOP! Cracker Time!

raving crackers?!

Try these SUPER EASY flax seed crisps and I promise you'll be impressed!

*1 cup Flaxseed Meal
(Golden has the best flavor)
*1 cup Water
*1 1/2 Tbs. seasoning
(I use Popcorn seasoning - It's low carb and comes in a variety of flavors such as Ranch & Garlic Parmesan)
*Parchment Paper
~*~*~*~ STEP 1:~*~*~*~
*Cut two round pieces of parchment paper to fit your microwave's plate (or dinner plate) ~ This way you can work on one batch while the other batch is being nuked!

*Mix your flax seed, water and spices by hand (a fork works best)
~*~*~*~ STEP 2:~*~*~*~

*Using a teaspoon (or mellon-baller if handy), scoop batter onto the parchment paper to match the size of a small walnut.

*Either with your fingers or the back of a spoon, spread the batter blobs (hehe) into flat, thin, pancake like circles (... or heck, try a square!).

!IMPORTANT! Spread the batter so that the cracker will be thin and as consistent as possible! The thinner, the crispier folks!

~*~*~*~ STEP 3:~*~*~*~
*Place parchment paper in the microwave and cook for 3 minutes; continue to cook in 1 minute intervals until crackers are crisp. My microwave takes about 5 minutes total, but always break up the cooking time in 1 minute increments. (Test by tapping a fingernail on each cracker - there should be no "soft spots.")
*Dark speckling will occur if the crackers have been burnt (for shame!). Believe, me - these get super BITTER when even slightly burnt.

* Try them with dips, spreads, cheese slices or make a few bigger crackers for mini pizzas!

*Since these are mainly fiber, the carb count is virtually a big whoppin' ZERO, however be sure to get in PLENTY of water as too much flax can make for an unhappy GI system. ;) You've been warned!

1 cup of flaxseed = appx. 25 crackers!
*This is a tasty twist to Cleochatra's original recipe here!


  1. I always miss crunch and these are satisfyingly crispy and delish spread with a little cream cheese in your choice of flavor. The popcorn seasoning is one of those surprising and wonderful discoveries for locarb cooking.

  2. Oh yes please!! I too miss crunch, and cream cheese on celery just isn't the same! Am off to try these...

  3. Ohmy, these sound awesome! I just bought some low carb flaxseed crackers (Flackers haha) at the natural food market the other day and they were quite expensive. I'll be getting some flaxseed tomorrow to make these! I have the popcorn seasoning already. I use them to flavor porkrinds :)

  4. I wanted to share a recipe for jalapeno popper dip with you that I think would be delicious on these. I have not tried it yet, but just pinned it. You could leave out the bread crumbs in the topping, or substitute something else for them. Otherwise, it is low carb, and looks awesome.

  5. thank you was skeptical i have ruined a lot of ingredients over last couple months of this new life style choice. so i decided to half i actually under seasoned however but was going to use with brie cheese. an i only had garlic an parsley seasoning will look for popcorn seasoning next time at the store. but thank you for the great recipe. truly a keeper

  6. Hi,thank you for this brilliant recipe. I was just wondering what other sead meal would work. Any ideas please :)

  7. Worked perfectly the first time, kids love it. Will be making this regularly from now on.

  8. WOW, TOTALLY AWESOME AND DELICIOUS! and so easy, definitely will be making these every week! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! thought my crackers days were over with low carbing!!!! A MILLION TIMES THANKS!!!!

  9. Can you bake these in the oven if you have health issues that prevent microwaves?

  10. Have you tried baking them? I'd very much rather stick them in the toaster over than the microwave. Maybe 350 and keep checking until they're done?

    1. I may just try these in the oven. I generally do not microwave unless I am desperate. I will try to post results if I do.

  11. These are great! So easy and SO CRUNCHY! Man I missed crunch! I have tried many low carb cracker but they are always not very crunchy, do not stay crunchy for long, or are too thick and heavy. These are very crunchy and light. Gonna sneak these into Mexican places so I can eat some Salsa again.

  12. Do you have any more microwave recipe? I don't have oven and I'm finding it hard to find recipe that is suitable for the microwave that is lchf

  13. Hi what if you can't get lc popcorn seasoning any alternatives?

  14. What is nutritional value, serving size, fat, protein, carb?

  15. What is nutritional value, serving size, fat, protein, carb?

  16. O my I was skeptical about the microwave cooking but they turned out great, crunchy and crispy. I did sprinkle the top of mine with sea salt before cooking and I used dry ranch dressing, super yummy.